Get Everything You Want Out Of Life...Through Your Marriage!

The Ladies Talkshow

Who would have guessed that working on your marriage could be so enormously fun! The ladies are so authentic but they sure give Leah a hard time! But Leah just seems to relish the challenge – the more they dish it up, the juicier the morsels Leah delivers! Don’t miss another exciting episode of, drumroll please, The Ladies Talkshow starring your host, Leah Richeimer!

Every week, the “Housewives of Hancock Park” sit around chatting up their marriages. But this ain’t no gossip session, this is spiritual growth classes on stilettos. We laugh, we yell a bit more than ladies should, but at the end of the day, we grow ourselves into extraordinary human beings, or at least we try to, some of us better than others…

We talk about getting the appreciation we need, we talk about communication, we even talk about such harrowing topics as how to survive a car ride with your husband at the wheel. It’s better than a reality show because it’s realer than real. We’re serving up wisdom that has a 3,000 year old track record of success!

Already have a great marriage? Fantastic! But we can make it even better – want proof? Try us out!

Tune in and find yourself marvelously entertained and miraculously in a better relationship than you ever thought possible. The proof is in the pudding, so give us a try today!

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